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HP Jet Fusion 4200 3d Printing Solution

  • Superior Part Quality
  • Consistent Part Quality
  • Extreme Dimensional Accuracy and Fine Detail
  • Truly Functional Parts with Optimal Mechanical Properties, Faster
  • Accelerated Material Innovation to Drive New, High-Performance materials thanks to HP’s Open Platform
HP 4200 Brochure
First Service Bureau in the U.S.A. printing parts on the Markforged Metal X. Taking orders now!

Metal X – Atomic Diffusion Additive Manufacturing (ADAM)

Prints metal parts in a whole new way—Using a metal powder contained in a plastic binder then printing layer-by-layer.

The whole part is then sintered, removing the plastic binder and allowing the metal crystals to grow through the layers.

This process effectively erases the layer-to-layer strength reduction of many other 3D printing processes.

  • Larger build volume (250mm x 220mm x 200mm)
  • In-process laser inspection for dimensional accuracy
  • Integrated metal-material handling system
  • Full integration with Eiger cloud software platform (local storage and on-premise versions)
  • Cloud-enabled build camera

At launch, Metal X will print high-end stainless steels such as 17-4 and 316L. Future metal options to include Tool Steel (A-2, D-2, M-2),  Aluminum (6061, 7075),  Inconel 625 and Titanium (6AL 4V)

Markforged Mark X – Continuous Fiber Printer

Markforged X7 – Continuous Fiber Printer

Up to 27x Stiffer and 24x Stronger Parts than ABS Plastics!

Uncompromised Strength, Precision, and Beauty and ready for Large-Scale Reinforced 3D Printing. Markforged 3D printers are designed to reinforce parts with continuous fiber for unmatched strength.

The X7 builds on the portfolio of Markforged high-strength materials, with access to our plastics:

  • Tough Nylon
  • Onyx

As well as all of our continuous fibers including:

  • Carbon Fiber
  • Fiberglass
  • Kevlar
  • High Strength, High-Temperature Fiberglass
Mark X Brochure
3D Systems sPro 60

3D Systems sPro 60 – Selective Laser Sintering Printer

The sPro SLS systems architecture can produce high-resolution, durable thermoplastic parts available in medium to large build volumes.

  • Tough and Durable Parts
  • Excellent Part Resolution, Surface Finish and Edge Definition
  • DuraForm PA (Nylon 12 – unblended)

SLS Applications:

  • Housing
  • Machinery Components
  • Functional Testing
  • Consumer Goods

Maximum Build Envelope: 381x330x460 mm 15x13x18 in

3D Systems sPro 60 Brochure

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