Lathe Bar Puller

CNC 3D Printed Lathe Bar Puller

bmi CAD uses Markforged to print feed stock automation tools for a CNC lathe. Each puller is turret mounted and uses friction to move heavy metal feedstock.

Effortlessly Customizable

Conventional CNC 3D Printed Lathe Bar Pullers are a workaround — they replace $10k-$30k automatic feeding systems with a turret mounted part. However, they’re still expensive and not designed specifically to stock specifications. By printing a unique bar puller for each type of stock, bmi CAD found a cost effective, stock specific solution that leverages Onyx’s surface and fiberglass’ strength to improve performance.

Affordable Metal 3D Printing

Our 3D printing is less expensive than alternative additive manufacturing technologies and costs less than traditional fabrication technologies like machining or casting.

Manufacturing Made Easy

Our cloud-based printer management software, built-in touchscreen interface and automatic material tracking make the Metal X system the simplest way to manufacture metal parts.