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Re3dTech’s composite material portfolio can cover a wide range of applications.

MarkForged X7 Base Materials

  • Onyx (Nylon and Chopped Carbon Fiber)

MarkForged X7 Continuous Fiber

  • Carbon Fiber
  • Fiberglass
  • Kevlar
  • High Strength-High Temperature Fiberglass

HP Jet Fusion 4200

  • Black PA 12 Nylon

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We use industrial grade 3d printers to meet the needs of both prototyping and production output. With that comes industrial grade materials that match your performance requirements.

From PA12 Nylon to continuous carbon fiber composites to many of the metals that are being used in traditional manufacturing. Re3dTech can help you choose the right 3d printer and the right materials to achieve the best results for your additive manufacturing needs.

Onyx (Chopped Carbon Fiber)

Onyx (Chopped Carbon Fiber)

HP PA 12 Nylon

HP PA 12 Nylon

Fiber Infused Parts

Fiber Infused Parts

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