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MarkForged Metal X 3d Printing Service/ Atomic Diffusion Additive Manufacturing

New Metal 3D Printing Technique!!! Re3dTech will be the first to offer parts from the new MarkForged Metal X- Atomic Diffusion Additive Manufacturing (ADAM). Metal parts for industrial, automotive, medical and aerospace industries.

Metal Materials available:

  • 303 & 17-4 Stainless Steel

Beta Program Metal:

  • Titanium Ti-6Al-4v
  • 6061 & 7075 Aluminum
  • A-2 & D-2 Tool Steel
  • In Alloy (Inconell) 625

HP Jet Fusion 3D 4200 Printing Service/ Print Speeds up to  10x Faster

Re3dTech is making 1000’s of parts on one of the most talked about 3d printing platform to hit the market.  The HP Jet Fusion 4200 3d Printing Solution.

The new HP Jet Fusion 3d Printer will offer:

  • Superior, consistent part quality
  • Breakthrough productivity
  • Lowest cost-per-part vs. current technologies
  • Up to 10 times faster then current technologies

This leap forward in speed and lower cost will enable business to reimagine their supply chains.  From rapid prototyping to getting designs into production faster.  Produce truly functional parts with optimal design and mechanical properties, faster.  To on-demand inventory systems so precious capital is not tied up in warehousing and inventory costs.

Products created by industrial 3D printing

Continuous Fiber 3d Printing/Large Scale Reinforced 3d Printing

Re3dTech utilizes the 3d Printing industry’s most powerful fiber composite 3d printer, the X7 and Mark 2 by Markforged.

The ability to infuse parts with continuous fiber (Carbon, Kevlar, and Fiberglass), we can deliver end-use parts that are remarkably strong and lightweight.

Strength, Precision, and Quality for applications in the:

  • Industrial
  • Automotive
  • Robotic
  • Functional Prototyping
  • Prosthetic Applications
  • Many more, (We will help develop applications just for your business and needs)

Rapid Prototyping 3d Printing Services/ Engineering Services

Re3dTech creates physical and functional prototypes, turning your vision into reality with our Engineering Services.

Many manufacturers utilize this service we offer because it allows for the design of a model without the typical high costs of the usual manufacturing process. Rapid prototyping provides flexibility as it allows our customers to test and refine their model quickly and easily.

Before full scale manufacturing has begun, our customers are able to thoroughly test and revise their model to ensure successful designs that will ultimately save money by making the manufacturing process much more efficient.

  • Provide 3D Files from Drawings
  • Provide 3D Drawings for Parts
  • Reverse Engineering of Parts
  • Make sure your files are 3D Print Ready
  • From “Napkin to Part” services

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